Sacred Earth Camp: Participant Application
Sacred Earth Camp is a 2-week long residential program for environmental justice leadership in Vancouver BC, Coast Salish Territory. We are looking for a diverse group of youth and young adults (ages 13-25ish) who care deeply about our planet. We will be sleeping in a barn at Southlands Heritage Farm and spending our days learning about the plants, animals and environmental justice issues in our Watershed. We will also learn concrete skills--like farming, conservation science, community organizing, anti-oppression, public speaking, spiritual practices, and activism--so that we can effectively make change in the world.
The more you tell us about yourself, the more we can design our program for our participants.
To get to know us a bit, please watch the two videos below.
Camp registration is almost full we are still accepting applications from male or masculine identified youth and young adults and, indigenous youth and young adults. Applicants 16 years and older are particularly encouraged.
If you are not able to take part in the full residential program we have several "flex spots" for participants who take part when they can.
We may not be able to accept everybody who applies. We base our decisions on diversity and leadership potential. We will let you know if you have a spot before the end of June.
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Sacred Earth Camp
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At camp we will have different ages, races, genders, abilities and sexual orientations.
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The participation fee is $400 will you need support raising this amount? *
The actual cost for camp is $2000 --we are investing in your leadership.
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