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Burlesque is for all womxn, regardless of age, race, weight or fitness levels, it is about learning to love our bodies and acknowledging the beauty of the feminine spirit. At The Rouge Revue we aim to embrace and accept our bodies in all their assorted variations and challenge the media's stereotypical image of beauty by demonstrating the unique beauty of each dancer.

You will find that burlesque dancing brings renewed self confidence, increased fitness and a feeling of well being as well as being a wonderful place to meet new friends and have fun.

Burlesque during the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing

While burlesque dancing may seem frivolous during this time of world wide crisis, it is also a welcome relief to many who are feeling the anxiety of the situation or simply going mad from being stuck between 4 walls. It’s a way to make sure you get some exercise and to relieve stress and make new connections.

I encourage you to dress up for class! Let’s make it sexy and fun. There isn’t much else to do anyway! Wear your most outrageous sexy outfits! Turn us on, make us laugh, surprise us! Let’s get creative

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Here's a little sneak peek at what we get up to!
Current Online Burlesque Class Info - New Beginners Burlesque starting in August 2020
New Beginners Burlesque - Online classes - Tuesdays at 6pm - Starting Tuesday 4th August
(You will receive the zoom link once your fees have been paid)

Belly dance classes - Thursdays at 7:30pm - starting Thursday 6th August

Online Class structure- Please allow for about 60 minutes for class.

Catch up or introductions
Warm Up including something to make you laugh out loud
Fitness burlesque Drills (technique and sweat)
Homework (if relevant and if time allows)

Class Fees:
1 class per week – R520 per month (4 classes)
2 x per week – R920 per month (8 classes)

Private Classes
I am available to teach private 1 on 1 classes at R350 per hour via zoom.
What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable exercise clothing like leggings and a tight top with heels or dress down in a bodysuit and stockings. It's up to you to wear what feels comfortable and sexy.
Class Fees
Please treat your class fees as my salary and be sure to deposit your fees by EFT between the 25th and the 30th of the month so that my debits can go off on time.
This is my full time job and I rely on my students to pay my salary.
I promise to always go above and beyond the line of duty in return. ☺

T J Lindeque
ABSA cheque account
Account Number 9127609972
branch code 632005

Please email your proof of payment along with your name/burlesque to reserve your space in the class to

Full fees are due in full monthly regardless of whether you miss classes as your teacher is there even if you are not. You have the option to make up missed classes by attending any extra class on the timetable. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

One months written paid notice is required should you decide to take a break or leave the studio.
The Rouge Revue Enrolment Form
Please complete this enrolment form to secure your space in the class of your choice.
Name *
Cell number *
Which class will you be attending? *
Date of birth *
How did you hear about us? *
I agree to pay my monthly fees between the 25th and 31st of each month in advance. *
I agree to give one months written and paid notice should I decide to take a break or leave the studio. *
Don't miss our next live online burlesque show!
The Grand Exhibition - An international Burlesque Benefit 2020 - Cape Town

Date: Saturday 8th August 2020
Venue: Zoom Webinar - Live Online show
Time: 7:30pm SAST
Tickets R120 from quicket

TGE was first hosted in 2015 and aims to bring the burlesque community together for a night in celebration of all things burlesque. All profits raised at TGE 2020 will be donated to Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

TGE Cape Town has raised over R130 000 for Rape Crisis since it's inception in 2015. This is thanks to you, the burlesque community and our fans.
Status of Dancer
• All enrolled pupils have amateur status. This means that, except for remuneration paid via the principal of the dance
studio, no pupil may receive direct monetary remuneration for performing in public.

• Pupils may not perform in any show without the prior knowledge/permission of the principal.

• Pupils may not arrange for friends or family to be spectators during classes unless the consent of the principal has
been obtained.

• Pupils who are repeatedly absent will not be taken into account for outside performances

• Please notify the studio of any change in contact details.

• Please note that burlesque class is ‘adult time’ so no kids may come along to class.
• Students who perform for the regular bi-monthly shows will not be paid for their performance but may receive a gift
from the studio.

• No student is under any obligation to perform in public. All performances are voluntary.

• We are affiliated with Rape Crisis and donate part of the proceeds from all of our shows to them.
Closing of the Studio

• This studio will be closed on Public holidays and for 4 weeks over the festive season; unless the principal decides
Thank you!
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Burlesque Performances for private events
Burlesque Performances for private events
Please recommend us to your friends.

For more info visit
Burlesque Workshops for hen parties or for private events
Please recommend us to your friends.

For more info visit
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