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New and Improved TAW Radio (Last Edit 10/24/18)
TAW Radio is asking for your help. Answer the survey, make a difference and be part of the FUN!!!
TAW Radio Listeners
Dear Members,

TAW Radio want's to get better, so we need your help, we are asking you to fill out this survey so we can know what you think. This gives you the chance to be part of the success of TAW Radio. So fill out the form and help be the driving force that keeps our radio improving each and every day!

Thank you for your time!!!


Question to know you better :
In order to help us out we need to ask a few questions.
CallSign & Division
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Time Zone *
Age Groupe *
Out of the below Genres, Which 5 genres would you like to broadcast on radio? *
What show(s) do you tune in for ? *
Please give us your feedback to improve TAW Radio broadcasting services
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Please also give us feedback on talk show topics for future shows
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Thank you for answering this Survey
We would like to thank you for your time in taking our survey, If you would like to you can submit two or three songs on this form and we will play them on our next live broadcast! Additionally if you would like to donate to TAW Radio please check the link below, your donations help keep Radio operational!

Click the link below to donate!

Please give us your special requests Artist & song title & your name.
TAWRadio has a new tool to get your requests directly to the DJ's on are VirtualDJ
please give your requests and name so our DJ's can process your request.
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