7th Grade Summer Assignment (Part 2)
This assignment is designed to introduce students to the seventh grade United States History curriculum. All assignments will be due upon the students return to school in September.

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Have a Great Summer!

The 7th Grade Social Studies Team
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Students will research and write a one-paragraph news articles about one of the following topics as it relates to United States History. (Please note you will have to pick another for Part 1)

1. Middle Passage 11. Bill of Rights
2. Jamestown 12. 11. Alien and Sedition Acts
3. Plymouth Colony 13. The U.S.S. Constitution (ship)
4. Triangular Trade 14. Monroe Doctrine
5. Stamp, Tea, or Sugar Act 15. Trail of Tears
6. Boston Massacre 16. California Gold Rush
7. Declaration of Independence 17. First Industrial Revolution
8. Articles of Confederation 18. Abolition Movement
9. Battle of Yorktown 19. Transportation Revolution of the 1800s
10. Constitutional Convention 20. Election of Abraham Lincoln
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