Contact Information Sheet for Aug 10 flight PR536 CGKMNL as required by CAAP
I. Passenger Details
Ticket No: *
Booking Reference *
Last Name *
First Name *
Middle Name *
Suffix i.e. Jr
Passport No: *
Date of Birth *
Purpose of Stay Abroad * Indicate if OFW, Student, Tourist, J1 Visa/Exchange Visitor Program, Filipino Diplomat, Religious Worker, Official Government Trip, Seminar/Training, or Others: Please Indicate *
For OFWs Became OWWA Member (Yes or No) *
Gender *
II. Next of Kin in the Philippines
Family member who IATF can contact in case of Emergency
Last Name *
First Name *
Middle Name *
Suffix i.e Jr *
Relationship to Passenger *
Contact Number *
III. Address in the Philippines
Place where you stay in Philippines
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Contact Number in Philippines *
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