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Join HBB Reviews, a nationally recognized entertainment website committed to delivering premium reviews and news articles on the latest films, books, and video games! If chosen to join the team, you will receive exclusive benefits such as attending advance screenings of the latest blockbusters as a member of the press, read books before they are released, and be able to play video games far before any member of the public will be able to. In addition, you may be invited to attend special events as press, such as Dragon-Con and Wonder-Con 2019 which we were fortunate enough to be invited to this past March.

The outlet has been recognized of multiple notable journalism groups with our Editor-in-Chief serving as a standing member of the Southeast Film Critics Association, Georgia Film Critics Association, the Atlanta Film Critics Circle, and the Society of Professional Journalism.

This is a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere, committed to help youth develop skills of professionalism, communication, and critique. HBB Reviews is the only nationally ranked professional news outlet that allows underaged writers to take part in the journey of HBB Reviews.

- All members should be aware that they need to provide at least EIGHT articles per year in order to have good standing within the program. Should the member be unable to conform to this policy or fail to adhere to the policies laid out by HBB Reviews, the Editor-in-Chief and preceding editors reserve the right to remove the member.
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