Improv with Gary Schwartz
Please review and answer all relevant questions below. All fees subject to 8.5% sales tax.
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Overnight Accommodations
Bedrooms: Single, double and group bedrooms are made up with linens and have an extra blanket. Guests staying in bedrooms are provided with towels. All bedrooms have shared bathrooms. We do our best to provide our guests with their preferred room choice but this is not always possible. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. Most bedrooms are on the second or third floor, but we do have a small bedroom and a library with a fold out couch on the first floor, so let us know if you have difficulty managing stairs.

Camping: For those of you choosing to camp, we have several 3” thick pads which you are welcome to use but it is the guests' responsibility to provide their own tent, bedding, pillow and towel. There are two bathrooms with showers, accessible from the outside of the lodge for your use.

Please Note: Out of consideration to other Mosswood Hollow guests, if you have sleep apnea and/or snore, we ask that you do not request a shared room.
What overnight accommodations would you prefer?
What nights will you be staying here with us?
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Meals: Breakfast is served buffet style and typically would include egg frittata, pancakes, fruit, Mosswood Hollow granola, yogurt, toast with butter, jams, nut butters & orange juice. Lunch and Dinner are served at the table. Most everything is made from scratch using primarily organic ingredients. Menus are created around what is seasonal and we attempt to buy local when possible.

Special Dietary Requirements: We do our best to accommodate those with special dietary requirements if we know at least two weeks in advance.
Please check which meals you plan to have at Mosswood Hollow
The workshop ends with lunch on Sunday, but we are offering the option of Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast if your travel plans require an extra night's stay. Please note that, because we will have already planned the menu, bought the food and hired staff based on the number of people signed up, unless you cancel at least one week in advance, you will be charged for whatever meals you sign up for.
Please check any items you do NOT eat.
We can provide meals that do not include the following ingredients as long as we know ten days ahead of time.
Other dietary requirements?
We will try to accommodate dietary needs beyond those listed above but cannot guarantee it.
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For transportation to and from the airport, the charge is $40/person if we can pick up two or more people in one trip, or $65 for one person.
Do you need to arrange transportation to Mosswood Hollow?
If you would like to be picked up at the airport, please indicate your arrival date and time, airline and flight number, and your cell phone number, or email the information when you make your reservation. We will email you a time and place to meet a few days ahead of time, but if you do not receive such confirmation, please call or email us.
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Questions or Comments?
If you have further questions or comments please let us know.
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