NAACP Boulder County Branch COVID Survey
The NAACP is collecting information about any harassment or discrimination occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. State and local agencies are interested in knowing if anyone is experiencing such treatment, especially if it is related to wearing a face covering used to protect against transmission and contraction of the virus. No personal data is collected unless you wish to share it and potentially be contacted to follow up about your experience.
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Glenda Robinson while shopping at Home Depot, Longmont South Hover Store, was demanded to go to the end of the line.  I retorted that I only had a question.  I asked for something, he said still go to the end of the line, I'll send somebody but never did.  I worked it out by finding an employee to help me.
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Do you regularly wear a protective mask or other facial protection when you leave your home or are in public *
How comfortable are you wearing a protective mask in your community based on how you feel you may be treated             5 *
If you are still visiting grocery stores, are you using facial coverings while in the store *
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