Minor FI4SGD Application Form 2021-2022
This application form can be seen as your motivation letter and is mandatory to complete your registration for the Minor F14SGD 2021-2022.

1. Apply for the minor at your University before April 15
2. Fill in this application /motivation form before April 15
3. Send in your CV to minorfrugalinnovation@asc.leidenuniv.nl before April 15

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What is your main motivation to apply for this Minor? Please describe in max. 300 words what your main motivation is to apply for this minor *
Please describe how you think the frugal innovation minor relates to / fit in your main studies? (max 100 words) *
Do you have proven affinity with the main themes in the Minor? Please explain (max 150 words) *
What do you want to learn from this Minor? Which knowledge, which skills? (max 100 words) *
The minor is multidisciplinary. Do you have experience/affinity with studying/working in multidisciplinary settings, please explain?  (max 100 words) *
 Anything you would like to add which you think is relevant for us to know (max. 100 words) *
Study progress: How many EC did you complete in your BSc before 1 April 2020 *
Study progress: How many EC will you have completed at the start of the Minor, 1 September 2021? Do you have any other courses that you must redo in the september-januari semester? *
If you are selected which field assignment / internship location(s) would you be interested in (please tick the box(es))?  [Note!:*Given the current Corona pandemic we have to make a reservation on field assignments can take place abroad. Currently, travel restrictions, quarantines and lock-downs are increasingly issued and imposed across the globe. Also the LDEuniversities currently forbid students and staff to travel abroad. We cannot predict what the(global) situation regarding Corona will be when the Minor starts in September.) *
Please note that the previous question it not part of the selection criteria it however gives us an indication to where to seek internship/field assignment opportunities. In the below text box it is possible to provide context to your answer above
Please send your CV separately to minorfrugalinnovation@asc.leidenuniv.nl and complete your registration at your univeristy (Registration at your university is open from 1-15 April!) *
Link to LinkedIn profile (optional)
Thank you for your application! We will contact you the 26th of April and hope to welcome you in September. - The FI4SGD team
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