Artists in Residence - Colombia
We are looking for artists who want to travel to Colombia and live in a coffee farm and a Colombian family network. International artists will have the opportunity to meet local artists, interact with local people and develop four different placement for the artists during short terms and long term projects related with heritage, mobility, creativity and education.

The coffee farm is placed 1 hour away from Bogotá. There is a beautiful landscape, where you will get inspired. We would like to gather a bit information. The survey is anonymous. Thank you in advance

Residencias Artísticas Creatividad y Territorio
Tell us, What would you like as an artist to do in a residence?
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If you are an artist, please specify your activity (musician, writer, visual artist, other)
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Country and City
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Would you prefer to live in
Would you like to live in Colombia for a while? yes or no and why
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Residencia Itinerante: Artist will have the opportunity to travel across the country to other residences. They will propose a project and present it in different venues. Duration: 2 weeks - 1 month Price: 800€ (Accommodation included ) Would you apply to this residence?
Residencia Educativa: Artists will live during min 6 months - max 1 year in a coffee farm or Colombian family network . They will work in one of the 21 schools with children and youngsters and local artists to raise awareness about heritage, creativity, art and innovation. price: 1000€ (Accommodation included) Would you apply to this residence?
Residencia Temática: Artist will invited to work with the community and local artists. We want to create more cultural goods to activate the town where no one come to see, because they think nothing interesting happen. Artist will live during 2 months Price: 600€. Would you apply to this residence (Accommodation is included)
Residencia Creativa : Artist will live in the coffee farm the time they consider, They can rent a room to sleep and develop their own project , Would yo pay a night price of 15€ to sleep there?
Would you pay a inscription fee of
We are aware flying to Colombia is a bit expensive. We want to offer 4 grants every year. Do you know where to get funding in your country to support your application to our residence?
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As you can see Each residence is between 2 weeks - 1 year. Artists have different schedules, Do you prefer to come
If you like the project and you want to be informed, please write your email or write us an email to
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This is a painting of the town where you will live. We want more like this to activate culturally the area. We want more installation, more writing, more music, more dance, more pictures. We want to transform a town where no one come to see that now something incredible is happening.
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