Sales Page + Course Design Market Research
I’m looking for online business owners who are either DIY-ing or working with a designer (or looking for a designer) on
- a sales page for a service, course or program,
- or a student site for their course or program.
(Or both.)

For "course design", I mean the design for a site where your course or group program materials live and where participants of your course/program log in to get access to the materials, and also the design for course materials (workbooks, etc.)

All questions are written in present tense, but if the above describes you, either right now, a little while ago or you're going to do this soon, I'd love hearing from you.

I'm NOT trying to sell you anything.

Responses are anonymous unless you choose to share your contact info with me for possible follow-up.

I’d like to get a better understanding of what obstacles you face regarding the design of your sales page and/or course site, so I can make sure my offerings are on track with what would be helpful to online business owners like you.

Your answers are going to help me with that. Thank you for your time!

Name (Optional)
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What kind of business do you run? How far along in business are you? Have you ever worked with a designer before, or DIY-ed all the design for your business?
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Which are you working on - sales page, or a course/program site?
What are you struggling with most when it comes to the design of your sales page or course site?
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If you've worked with a designer on your sales page or course site: What triggered you to outsource the design?
Please be specific and tangible. What felt hard? What was happening/NOT happening before?
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If you haven’t worked with a designer for your sales page or course site: What has stopped you from hiring a designer for this in the past?
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What is the most frustrating part about the design of your sales page or course site?
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What are you just DYING to learn or know about sales page or course site design? If someone could swoop in and help, what would you want answers to?
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Is designing your sales page or course site holding you back from anything in your life or business?
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What fears do you have about working with a designer on your sales page or course site? Does anything about the process scare you?
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If it's OK for me to follow up with you about your answers, please leave your email address here.
I won't try to sell you anything, I promise!
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Thank you for your help!
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