Corporate Events Post Covid19
Covid19 has been a before and after in the organization of corporate events. A new era begins and we want to understand your needs, know what worries you, bring you solutions and create future events together... that suit you!
We would be extremely grateful if you could complete this survey please.
In compliance with all the post-covid19 measures and protocols, would you consider holding face-to-face events starting from Phase 2? *
Would you consider that doing face-to-face events would be detrimental to the image of your company? *
If we linked your event to a social cause, would it help? *
Do you think that doing outdoor events between 200 and 400 people this season, may be an option for your company? *
If your group were 120 people ... Would you consider doing the event in 4 sessions of 30 Pax? *
What do you think of virtual events? *
What importance do you give to these aspects in a virtual event? *
It's fine
Key Success factor
They are sustainable
Contents available before, during and after the event
Chats / Networking
Image customization
That there are no health risks
Have the support of an event agency to design and generate engagement
What would you ask of a virtual event? *
I do not need it
It could be fine
Key Success Factor
Data collection and analysis
Attractive production, to make it very dynamic
Technology performance & safety
Make it look the most like a face-to-face event
What value do you give to sustainability in events, being 1 very little, and 10 considering it paramount? *
Could you tell us your company and department please? *
And finally ... Name and surname, please. *
THANK YOU FOR HELPING US GET TO KNOW YOUR NEEDS BETTER! Always by your side at or +34 934 736 815.
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