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Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help transform the streets of Taos for Paseo 2018! We will have volunteer needs beginning Wednesday, Sep 12 for load-in, Thursday Sep 13 for Education Day in the Space Cloud, Friday Sep 14 and Saturday Sep 15th for the festival, and Sun, Sep 16th for Pecha Kucha! We may also have advance needs at The HUB and for Paseo Project, so let us know if you're interested in helping out sooner.

The event is quickly approaching and we need a village to bring it to life! To help make your volunteer experience optimal for you, let us know your preferences, skills and availability below. And don’t forget to forward this to a friend (or 2 or 10)!

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Are you available anytime Monday - Friday (Sept. 10-14) to help with load-in?
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Are you available to help with STEMArts Education Day on Thursday, September 13?
Which night-time hours on Friday, September 14 (PASEO day 1) are you available to volunteer during the event?
Which night-time hours on Saturday, September 15 (PASEO day 2) are you available to volunteer during the event?
Are you available Sunday (16th) and Monday (17th) to help with breakdown and Pecha Kucha?
Is there a particular artist you'd like to help? If you are a friend of an artist and have already agreed to help them, please indicate which artist.
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