Largs Academy School of Rugby 2019/20
Participant Contract - Please complete the following form below with the participant. Parents/carers are reminded that pupils will have the responsibility of catching up on work missed when at the school of rugby and will be missing a small amount of contact time in certain subjects.

S1 Boys - Tues P2
S2 Boys - Tues P3

S3 Boys - Fri P1
S1/2/3 Girls - Fri P2

The periods throughout the year will change within each day (i.e. S1 boys after Oct holidays P3 instead of P2) This ensures pupils don't miss a lesson for the full year.
SP Energy Networks Championships - Groups Champions at Scotsoun - March 2019
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•Participants will work hard in all their academic studies stay up to date with their school work / homework throughout the programme. *
•Participants will show respect to all those around them in and out of the ‘School of Rugby’ programme including coaches, fellow SOR participants, opponents, classmates and teachers *
•Participants will ensure they are focused and ready to give their best effort in all ‘School of Rugby’ sessions. *
•Participants attend extra-curricular rugby sessions and represent the school in both competitive rugby opportunities and other sporting opportunities if selected by the school. *
If your son/daughter has already been involved in the School of Rugby please provide feedback (positive or negative) on the programme. *
Does your son/daughter play for a local community club? *
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