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Live classes (£3/£3.75)
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Both live and recorded classes (£1 extra)
RAD Grade 1 Ballet (Tuesday 4.30-5.10pm)
RAD Grade 3 Ballet (Tuesday 5.15-5.55pm)
Senior Ballet Grade 4+ (Wednesday 12.00-12.40pm)
Pointe Strengthening (Wednesday 12.45-1.15pm)
Family Ballet Barre (Age 8 to Adults) (Friday 4.30-5.10pm)
*Pre-School and Pre-Primary Ballet (Saturday 9.00-9.30am)
Contemporary Dance (Age 8 to Adults) (Saturday 09.30-10.10am)
Ballet Fitness (Age 8 to Adults) (Saturday 10.30-11.10am)
Additional information for those not currently enrolled with the School
If you are not currently enrolled with the School, we would be grateful for a few bits of information to help with our Safeguarding responsibilities. Please note by signing up to our classes you will automatically be added to our mailing list for occasional updates, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Those enrolled with the School can skip this section and submit the form.
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