Interest Form - Hillel Kitchen Fall 2019
Thank you for your interest in being part of the kitchen team for the fall! It's always a great group of students and a lot of fun!

This is an interest-only form. You are not committing to working in the kitchen, and likewise, by filling out this form, you are not guaranteed a job. (This is a paid job!) We have a limited number of spots available in the kitchen. Email any questions to Tova, kitchen manager, at

Our work in the kitchen falls into two categories: cooking & cleaning. Everyone is expected to help with both. No experience is necessary but punctuality, being a team player and having a good attitude is expected.

Includes lots of washing, peeling, chopping, and prepping ingredients

Includes lots of scrubbing dishes; cleaning the refrigerators, sinks and countertops; sweeping; taking out trash, recycling and compost
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