Game Time! Ubuntu Squad Donation Pledge Form
The U School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and welcomes your participation with our 2017 Winter Men's Basketball Ubuntu Squad!

Come out and have fun with us! By supporting our team, playing in the AAPS Rec & Ed Basketball League, you encourage us to be our best for each other and help us in our effort to increase the U SCHOOL'S TUITION SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Create U Impact and help a family!

Join us by making a pledge below based on how our team works together on the basketball court. Here's how it works:

- At each game the Ubuntu Squad will have a statistician keeping track of several team statistics.
- Select one, several, or all team stats below and make a pledge to donate the corresponding dollar amount based on how our team performs.
- After our game the Ubuntu Squad's team stats will be posted on our team webpage - and shared on social media - &
- A pledge statement will be sent to you with the corresponding dollar amount based on the team stat(s) that you selected for the game.
- Upon receiving your donation, the U School will send you a donation receipt for your records along with a U Impact Certificate!

Don't know what some of these stats are? No sweat! Here are some quick definitions of stats we'll be tracking:

REBOUND - To obtain the ball after a missed field goal attempt (shot at the basket).
ASSIST - A pass to a teammate who scores a basket immediately or after one dribble.
STEAL - The act of a defensive player intercepting or deflecting a pass or a dribble of an offensive player.
BLOCK - To tip or deflect a shooter's shot, altering its flight so the shot misses.
3 POINTER - A shot, worth three points, attempted with both feet behind the three-point line.

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