SA Social Media Landscape Report 2020 - Survey
This survey aims to showcase insights from how South African brands, agencies and corporate companies utilise and invest on social media. It serves to deepen the understanding of what the social media reception in South Africa has been, which in turn points to its relative uptake, success, and ultimately ROI.

Each respondent will receive the annual Social Media Landscape.

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What Industry/Profession/Role are you in? *
Do you have formal social marketing strategies for B2C and B2B? *
On what platforms is your company currently active? *
If you're not active on any of the above, where do you plan to be active on in the next 12 months?
Which platform are you spending most of your Social Media advertising budget on?
Who is managing the social media accounts? *
How often is content posted to social media profiles? *
How much do you spend on social media advertising per month? *
How does your brand mitigate against advertising being skipped by potential customers on social media?
Has your brand increased spend in social media live streaming in the past year?
If yes, which platforms
How would you rate your effectiveness of using social media?
If your company is not present on a platform, please leave out the answer
1 - Not effective
5 - Very effective
Google +
Corporate blog
Internal social network
Why is your company using social media?
In the past 12 months have you deleted your brand accounts on any social media platforms? *
If so, which platforms *
How do you plan to improve social media skills and competencies in 2020?
Do you have the right skills in place to leverage and manage social media effectively in 2020? *
We are ill equipped
Our skills are optimal
How are you measuring your social media effectiveness on Twitter?
How are you measuring your social media effectiveness on Facebook?
How are you measuring your social media effectiveness on LinkedIn? *
How are you measuring your social media effectiveness on Instagram? *
Has using social media brought brand returns?
What returns has social media brought to your brand?
How are you measuring your social media effectiveness on YouTube? *
Does your brand make use of paid social media influencers? *
Do you know who the most influential people in your social media communities are? *
Do you know the overall influence of your social media communities? *
Do you use programmatic advertising tools?
Have programmatic advertising tools improved your ROI?
What are the barriers preventing marketers from getting more value out of social media? *
1 - No problem
3 - Some complications
5 - Significant barrier
Lack of budget
Time to properly manage these channels
Inability to measure
Lack of technology
Lack of management understanding
Level of change in digital
Skills of marketing / brand teams
Quality of agency partners
Have you allocated budget towards new technology for marketing purposes?
If yes, which of the following technologies do you utilise?
"Our senior management fully understand why we are using social media" *
"Social media channels pose significant risks to our company's reputation" *
"Social media has potential as a tool to help our business grow" *
"We are getting as much value from social media as we can" *
Has social media budget allocation changed since the previous year?
Not using social media
Stayed the same
In 2018
Planning to in 2019
Which social media strategies are you planning to implement in the next 12 months?
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