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Please follow these steps to submit your recruiting profile to the Silver State Volleyball Recruiting Coordinator:

1) Please complete this form for EACH COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY you wish to bring to the Recruiting Coordinator's attention. The first time you complete the form will supply the Recruiting Coordinator with most of your recruiting profile: a) contact information for you, your parents, and your coaches; b) ELIGIBILITY #s for NCAA/NAIA c) your volleyball metrics; d) your academic record; e) your sports awards; f) volunteer activity; g) submit one college/university you would like to explore for volleyball per form submission (h) the outside recruiting services you are using, if any; and i) the communications you have had with coaches on your way to committing to a collegiate volleyball program.

2) For additional schools, go straight to MY COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES.


To find the best collegiate fit for our players based on academic interests, desired location, and volleyball potential. We will leverage our connections in the college volleyball community to make your dream a reality. We will explore the schools you wish to attend and add additional schools beyond your list. Together, our goal is to match you to the best college experience for volleyball and academics.

Coach Jim Saari
Recruiting Coordinator
Silver State Volleyball Club

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