DCFG Scholarship Application 2022
• Completed application is due no later than 11:59 pm Eastern time on
Thursday December 30th, 2021
• Scholarship recipients will be notified of awards no later than Monday, January 10th, 2022 by Scholarship
Chair Nancy Brauhn-Curnes
• 10 full-tuition scholarships of $150 each will be awarded. 5 designated for registrants in North America and 5 for International registrants

Please answer the following in full:
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Cell phone number (C) or Other (O) if applicable *
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How long have you been facilitating drum circles? Tell us a little about your facilitation including the populations you serve and the frequency of your facilitation. *
If you have been facilitating for less than a year, briefly tell us how you became involved with facilitation. *
What trainings have you attended, and when were they? *
Why do you wish to attend this conference? What do you hope to gain from this experience, and what is its relevance to your facilitation and/or work? *
What are your plans for implementing what you will learn at the conference? *
If awarded a scholarship, you will be required to send us a statement no later than April 27th, 2022, describing your experience of the conference and its impact on your facilitation and work, including ways you’ve been able to implement what you learned. Your statement may be published fully or in part in the DCFG newsletter. Do you agree to submit such a statement in a timely manner? *
Will you be financially able to attend the 2022 DCFG conference if you do not receive a tuition scholarship? *
Have you received a scholarship in the past to attend a DCFG conference? If so, when? *
By checking this box you agree that if you are awarded a scholarship this year, you will be ineligible to receive another scholarship for the next 3 years. *
Have you already reserved your space for the 2022 conference? *
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