Monroe County Chooses...The Toys We Love
Please help the Monroe County Local History Room & Museum determine what should appear in our upcoming exhibit: "Monroe County Chooses...The Toys We Love." The exhibit will open November 19 and be up through Summer 2021.

Below are 12 categories listing popular children's toys from the 1940s-1990s. While we tried to be as inclusive as possible, we recognize that not every well-loved toy will appear in this poll. The photos are representative of the TYPE of toy as many toys were made for multiple generations and changed in appearance.

Please check the box next to NO MORE THAN THREE of your favorite toys from each category. A write-in option is also available. A category can be skipped if desired. Your votes will determine which toys are included in "The Toys We Love" exhibit. Thank you for participating!
Favorite Construction/Building Toy (choose up to 3 of 6)
Favorite Action Figure(s) (choose up to 3 of 10)
Favorite Doll (choose up to 3 of 13)
Favorite Plush Toy (choose up to 3 of 11)
Favorite Creative/Art Toy (choose up to 3 of 7)
Favorite Playset (choose up to 3 of 12)
Favorite Vehicle Toy (choose up to 3 of 8)
Favorite Board Game (choose up to 3 of 17)
Favorite Non-Board Game or Puzzle (choose up to 3 of 16)
Favorite Role Play Toy (choose up to 3 of 8)
Favorite Novelty Toy (choose up to 3 of 11)
Favorite Outdoor or Active Toy (choose up to 3 of 18)
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