Are you feeling overwhelmed or are you burning out, mom?
Are You Feeling Overwhelmed or Are You Burning-Out?

There’s no question that mothers today are busy, wearing many hats, and have many demands on their time. And in the midst of a global pandemic, this isn't getting much easier. The situation leaves many mothers feeling overwhelmed… but are you feeling overwhelmed, or are you slowly burning-out?

Although they are linked, there is a BIG difference between overwhelm and burnout, and each requires a different approach to win at life.

The following 12 questions will help you determine if you are merely overwhelmed, or perhaps burning out.
After taking this quiz you’ll receive your results and a special report that can help you take control to either resolve your overwhelm or reverse your burnout.


Answer each question True or False in terms of how you feel most of the time.

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P.S.S. You need to insert an email for results and to receive the special report but no worries – we will not spam you!
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1. I find myself simply going through the motions day-after-day and forgetting little, important details. *
2. I'm always on the move. If I'm not going somewhere, then my brain is constantly on go. *
3. I frequently have headaches and stomach aches. *
4. I wake up tired in the morning with low energy. *
5. I have soreness in my legs, hips, knees, neck, upper back, and/or shoulders (burning sensation, sharp pains, joint pains). *
6. I either hold all of my emotions in, or my emotions explode. I don't have an in between. *
7. When I get angry, sometimes it makes me want to act out in other ways - throwing things, yelling, cursing. *
8. When I get angry, my anger is: *
9. I've given up on my personal interests. There is just no time for me. *
10. How often do you regret the decision you have made after making a decision? *
11. I go days without taking a shower, brushing my teeth, shaving my legs, or changing my clothes (and not just because of the pandemic). *
12. I often force myself to smile, laugh, or be happy by minimizing things that overwhelm me so that I can think positively. I don't know how to unpack all of these "little things" now. *
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