FIRST Tech Challenge Grant Application
FIRST Tech Challenge Jump Start teams in British Columbia can apply for assistance in the 2019-20 season. A team must have started the registration process to submit an application. Teams must complete their registration before they will receive their grant. Any additional terms of the grant will be described if your team is offered a grant.

The information collected on the application is relevant to the targets or goals of one or more of our grantors. Data collected in our application may be used in connection with grant reporting. Summary data could be used in newsletters, websites and marketing materials associated with FIRST British Columbia. At no time will student identifiable information be released or published.

If you are unsure of the exact make-up your team, you can use the demographics from your school or community to estimate the answers on your grant application.

Your answers to these questions will help us direct the grants according to the priorities set by the grant sponsors.

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Please estimate the percentage of team members who are new to FIRST on your team.
Please estimate the percentage of girls who will be on your FIRST Tech Challenge team.
Please estimate the percentage of First Nations team members who will be on your FIRST Tech Challenge team.
Please estimate the percentage of students with Individual Education Plans ( IEPs ) who will be on your FIRST Tech Challenge team.
Would you like to identify another category for your team members to help us understand challenges faced by your team? Please describe.
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Briefly describe any FIRST outreach events your team has been involved in during the last year.
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Briefly describe your team's financial need.
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