Laboratory visits
Several laboratory of the University of Lyon open their doors to small groups for an inside view of the physics explored in the neighborhood on Wednesday 20 July, 13:45-16:30 - Meeting point : orange statue, a guide will conduct you to the laboratory of your choice using public transport.

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1. Lyon Nuclear Physics Institute (IPNL)
Max 30 persons – Guide: Antoine Cazes <>

The laboratory covers a wide thematic range, from nuclear physics to cosmology, through particle astroparticle physics, and radiation sciences. The laboratory also has a large group theory.    
The visit will first show a CMS detector control room at CERN, with a presentation of the group activities. CMS is one of the detectors of the LHC accelerator at CERN. The visit will continue with the DIAM accelerator, located in the laboratory, that can produce nano drops of water (some molecules). This allows to study their thermalization and non-ergodic cooling.

More on the lab:

2. Light and Matter Institute (ILM) - sold out !
Max 10 persons – Guide: Christophe Ybert <>

The visit will encompass topics around :
- complex fluids
- granular medium
- active mater
- Water under extreme conditions

More on the lab:
3. ENS de Lyon, Physics Lab (LPENSL) - sold out !
Max 40 persons (5 groups of 8) – Guide: Ludovic Bellon <>

Activities of the laboratory cover various fields, from statistical physics to hydrodynamic turbulence, through mathematical physics and signal processing but also soft and condensed matter. During the tour you will discover a few topics among :
- Optical tweezers to probe statistical physics [exp.] – S. Ciliberto, I. Martinez
- Laboratory scale geophysics [exp.] – R. Poryles
- Soft matter under ultrasound [ex.p] – S. Manneville
- Granular systems [exp.] – J.-C. Géminard, A. Naert
- Physics of the violin [exp.] – A. Naert
- Integrable systems [th.] – K. Kozlowski
- Soft and active matter [exp.] – D. Bartolo
- Large deviation and climate statistical physics [th.] – F. Bouchet
- Thermal noise as a tool in nano-mechanics [exp.] – L. Bellon
- Nanopores & Biophysics [exp.] - F. Montel

The ENS de Lyon is right next to the *musée des confluences*, so that's a nice opportunity to visit Lyon's new flagship museum after the lab tour !

More on the lab:
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