National Space Centre Photography Club
The National Space Centre is keen to work with local (Leicestershire and the East Midlands) amateur photographers to support both the organisation and the photographer.

The club will:

• Allow supported access to events hosted by the National Space Centre.
• Support photography at the Centre.
• Offer training sessions with professional photographers (free).
• Host a photography exhibition of work achieved within the year.
• Share and credit images taken through wide and varied social media.
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As you may be working with vulnerable children, we will undertake a DBS check prior to offering you a place on our camera club. Are you happy for us to carry out this check? *
Photographs taken by members will be used in publicity for the National Space Centre. Are you happy for this to happen?* *
We will keep details of members on electronic media. This information is for club use only and will NOT be divulged to third parties. To comply with data protection legislation, the Club requires your consent to keep details about you in this way. *
We ask that you attend a minimum of four events throughout the year. These will be agreed in advance, including consultation with members, to cover all events. Please confirm you are happy to attend and photograph at least four events over the year. *
Training, talks and workshops are a key part of the club. These will be offered free of charge to all active members of the club. Please indicate below the subjects you would like to see covered. *
Would you define yourself as: *
What type of camera do you use? *
Have you completed any courses in Photography?If so, which course? *
Do you use photo editing software? (Picasa, Adobe Elements, Photoshop, Lightroom …)If so, which one(s)? *
Please provide a link to an online portfolio of your work (can be a website, Facebook folder, Instagram, Flickr or similar) *
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