Chedda' Heads - Private Event Inquiry
Thank you for considering the Chedda' Heads Food Truck for your upcoming event! We appreciate your interest! A food truck is a very dynamic operation, and so we collect the following information to help us properly consider and prepare for your event! Please take the time to accurately fill out the event information below.
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Event Information:
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Location, Setup and Parking Instructions
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Our Requirements:
In order for us to be part of your event we need you to understand and agree to the following:
Will you be able to provide us with a level parking surface, at least 30 feet long by 12 feet wide, that will be able to support a vehicle weight of 15,000 lbs? *
If upon arrival we are unable to park at your event, all monies for the event, in full, will be retained by Chedda' Heads Ltd.
Do you understand our payment process? *
Once you receive our quote to cater your event, should you decide to hire us, we require a minimum of 50% deposit and a signed contract to book your event. Complete payment will be required a minimum of 7 days prior to your event.
Have you obtained permission and/or permits needed for our food truck to be on site? *
We may ask that you provide documentation that you have permission and/or proper permits before your event. Chedda' Heads will not be responsible for any parking violations. If upon arrival, or during your event, we are required to leave our parking location due to a lack or permissions and/or permits, all losses for the event (such as food waste, labour cost and supply costs), in full, will be charged to the person, event, and/or business who booked us.
Will the Chedda' Heads Food Truck have to travel up hills that are a 25% grade or higher to get to your event location? *
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