Falls-Lenox/ECC TYFTSW Survey
On February 12, 2018 FL/ECC PTA hosted a Take Your Family to School Week Information (TYFTSW) night at Falls-Lenox as part of a grant awarded by National PTA. At the event, those in attendance viewed a video presentation containing information from each of the school's building principals. In addition, the link to this video presentation was shared in order for all parents and caregivers of students at Falls-Lenox and ECC to access the information. We understand that families are busy and evolving and FL/ECC PTA desires to meet each family where they are and we hope that each parent/caregiver is able to view the video and gain the valuable information that can help them help their children.

This brief survey will help us better understand how to meet your needs in the future as we consider planning events at school as well as delivering information electronically. We also want to know what topics you would like to learn more about in regards to partnering with you to help your child. Thank you in advance for your time.

All surveys returned by midnight, March 5, 2018 will be entered to win a $50.00 family prize from PTA.

If you have not yet seen the video, go to this link to watch: http://bit.ly/ofcsptaTYFTSW2018feb

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How did you view the TYFTSW video?
Did you find the video helpful?
Do you prefer getting information delivered via video or attending presentations at the school?
What is the benefit for viewing the information via video?
Have you accessed the digital library referenced in the video?
What topics would you like to receive more information on via video access?
How likely are you to view a future video produced by the school?
Very Likely
Very Unlikely
What did Dr. Lloyd suggest parents/caregivers do during a difficult time with their child?
What was your greatest takeaway after watching the video?
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Thank you for completing the survey. Make sure to check out the additional resources at our digital library. Go to this link to access: http://bit.ly/ofcsptacaregiverinfo
Falls-Lenox and ECC PTA thanks you for your support!
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