AAJA Diverse Muslim Sources Database
The Asian American Journalists Association’s Muslim American Task Force (MATF) is developing a database of sources on Muslim and Muslim American issues, as a resource to journalists covering the topic. AAJA-MATF is soliciting submissions for sources, and curate the submissions into a database for journalists’ use.

**All submissions must be made with the source’s consent.**

A confirmation email will be sent upon submission, to ensure the source has agreed to be listed in the database. Sources will include, but are not limited to: attorneys, advocates, community leaders, translators and academics.

We encourage you to submit information on your behalf, rather than submitting another person’s information. If you have someone in mind whom you’d like to suggest for the AAJA-MATF sources database, please send the submission form to the person rather than filling out their information for them.

For PR/media contacts: If you are submitting multiple names of people at your organization or company as sources, please submit each name individually. You may list the PR/media representative as the contact info for each source.

AAJA-MATF will accept sources into the database on a rolling basis, and will consider a variety of factors to determine who will be accepted into the database, including, but not limited to: professional affiliation and area of expertise. We will seek to curate a diverse database of expertise and geography. We reserve the right to reject any source submission into the database.

**This database is for use by journalists, and access to the database will be granted on an individual basis.**

AAJA-MATF will consider a variety of factors to determine who will have access to the database, including, but not limited to: professional affiliation and whether the database would be used for a non-commercial journalistic purpose.

Please view the database guidelines prior to filling out this form: https://tinyurl.com/AAJAMATFdatabase

Questions? Please email aaja.matfdrive@gmail.com.

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