Ken Ward (Re)Trial RSVP
If you are planning to join us in support at Ken's (re)trial for necessarily shutting down tar sands oil into the US, please let us know by filling out this form. We'll be able to keep you informed of new developments as well as the logistical pieces that will make the days run smoothly. Thank you!

(Re) Trial: Skagit Superior Court, 205 W Kincaid St, Mt Vernon, WA
Monday June 5th - Wednesday June 7th

We will again pack the courtroom with serious support showing that this community believes in the rightness of Ken's action. Monday will be largely jury selection, with very limited spectator seating, so it would be very helpful if many people can ATTEND ON TUESDAY.


Check out for more information on this and other Shut It Down hearings and trials, and if you have questions, please email us at

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