Spring 2018 State Park Ambassador Program Application/SXSW Region Training March 14-18, 2018 Ambassadorship April 1st-August 31, 2018

The Texas State Park Ambassador Leadership training is a 5 day intensive leadership training for young leaders in conservation. Following the training is a 6-month period where graduates are asked to complete 40 volunteer hours in
specific projects that benefit and raise awareness for a Texas State Park assigned to them. The training week will be an immersive outdoor experience at Brazos Bend State Park, March 13-18th, 2018. Participants will experience
backpacking, mountain biking, and activities such as archery, fishing, night hikes, outdoor fitness, and geocaching while learning about Texas State Parks. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses and some meals, but all activity fees, facility costs, and some group meals will be paid for by the Ambassador program. In addition to outdoor recreation activities, the training will include classes with the following curriculum:
*Leave No Trace Awareness
*Interpretive and Outreach Techniques
*Leadership Curriculum

Only applications that are 100% complete will be considered for this training. Must be age 18-30.

Applications are selected for interviews on a rolling basis until February 1st, 2018, so early submission is encouraged. Attendance at the Ambassador Leadership Training is mandatory from March 13th-18th, 2018.
Questions? Please contact the Jessica.Lagalo@tpwd.texas.gov

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This training will take place beginning the morning of Wednesday, March 14th through Sunday, March 18th (Spring Break) at Brazos Bend State Park, southwest of Houston, TX. Participants will be responsible for their own travel costs and logistics. Will you be able to attend the entire training? *
Are you comfortable with camping in tents for all four nights of the training? We will have access to showers and bathrooms. *
Your Commitment to Supporting Parks
The Texas State Park Ambassador Leadership training requires a significant commitment of staff time and resources to administer. To help you in your professional development, and to make sure this program benefits parks, each graduate of the training will be partnered with a park to complete 40 volunteer hours within the scope of three areas:

Group Service Project – A service project which is a benefit to the park and exposes young people to stewardship of our state park system. Projects guidelines:
• Any service project a park deems meaningful (trash removal, trail building, tree planting, etc.)

Social Media Project – a creative project that uses film, photography or other social media tools to engage your peers in what Texas State Parks have to offer. Acceptable projects include:
• A blog or article raising awareness for a park
• A collection of Facebook post ideas a park could use
• A short photography project documenting the opportunities of a state park

Community Outreach Project – a project that uses face to face outreach to raise awareness for a Texas State Park. Acceptable projects include:
• Hosting an outreach table at a community event near the park (festival, on your campus, etc)
• A public presentation raising awareness for the recreation opportunities in your park.

The following questions help us understand your ability to commit to the training and the associated volunteer requirements.

Participants attending this training will be asked to complete 40 volunteer hours over a period of 6 months, beginning April 1, 2018 and ending August 30, 2018. *
Explain any concerns or questions below:
Spring Cohort 2018 Park Selection/ SXSE Regions
The following questions refer to the Texas State Park you will be partnered with to complete your projects. During the Spring 2018 Ambassador program, preference is giving to Texas State Parks within 100 miles of Houston, the Gulf Coast, or Rio Grande Valley. To make sure we help the parks that need it most, our staff will take both your preferences and park needs/requests into consideration to make a match. Remember that for the most part, physical presence at the park is only needed for the Service Project. If we need to partner you with a park that was not in your top three choices, you will know this before you commit to the training. Parks with "*" denote higher need parks.
Check any parks you would consider being partnered with as a State Park Ambassador: *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Would Consider
Not Interested
Lake Casa Blanca SP
Falcon SP
Bentsen RGV SP
Estero Llano Grande SP
Resaca de la Palma SP
Lake Corpus Christi SP
Goliad SP
*Goose Island SP
*Lake Somerville SP
Washington-on-the-Brazos SP
Fort Boggy
*Mission Tejas
Huntsville SP
*Brazos Bend SP
*Galveston Island SP
San Jacinto Battleground and Monument
Battleship Texas
Sheldon Lake SP
*Lake Livingston SP
Martin Dies Jr. SP
Village Creek SP
Sea Rim SP
What are the first ideas that come to mind for a service project benefitting a Texas State Park? (This is just a brainstorming stage, you won't be committed to any ideas you put down!):
What are the first ideas that come to your mind for a social media project raising awareness for a Texas State Park?
What are the first ideas that come to your mind for a community outreach project that raises awareness for Texas State Parks?
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