Wheaton Academy Student Parking Permit Application 2020-2021
Permit Fee: Sophomores $225 (3 year) or $75 (1 year)
Juniors $150 (2 year) or $75 (1 year)
Seniors $75

Students may purchase a parking permit with cash, check or Push-Coin.

Parking permits may be purchased at any time during the school year. Please stop by Mr. Ellison's office.

Questions about parking permits please talk to Mr. Ellison (kellison@wheatonacademy.org)
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Last Name *
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Student Year *
Select your year of graduation.
Driver's License Number *
Students: Please show your driver's license at the time you purchase your parking permit. Please note you cannot apply for a tag if you only have your driver's permit.
Student Cell Phone (xxx) xxx - xxxx *
Vehicle License Plate *
Enter your license plate number with NO SPACES. If you are driving different cars please fill out this form for each car. There is a permit fee for one student vehicle only.
Vehicle Color *
Vehicle Make *
Vehicle Model *
Vehicle Style *
(e.g. 2-door, 4-door, Station Wagon, SUV, Truck, Van, etc.)
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