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Startup life isn't always glamorous, and it's filled with challenges. What drives you to want to work with us?
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Please list higher education degrees, institutions and relevant coursework... then tell us what you've LEARNED (in and out of formal education) that makes you the right person for this job!
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Please talk about your relevant work experience. Highlight the challenges you've overcome and how these make you the right person to take on the the job! Also clearly state the HR functions you undertook in your most recent HR job.
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Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult person? What did you do? How did you reach a resolution? *
Please don't tell us what you think we want to hear. Please tell us what actually happened and what you actually did as we want to understand your style. This question is about you and how you dealt with the situation and what were the techniques you used.
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Tell us about a time when you didn’t follow policy or had to deviate from policy. *
Establishing and enforcing policies and processes is a key component of HR, but that doesn’t mean they should be set in stone. In answering this question, we want to talk about how and why deviating from the norm was the right decision, and how that impacted policies moving forward.
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Ubongo Kids Sample
This is what we do... now tell us how you can contribute.
Why should you be Ubongo Learning's HR Officer? *
We are in an exciting time in the organisation and the Ubongoers are the core of every success we have. What makes you the right person to deal with the people aspects of Ubongo?
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Show us how you've committed yourself to social impact via your work, volunteering or other community involvement
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Self Evaluation
Please rate your experience/skills in the following areas, with 1 being weakest and 5 being strongest. Be honest-- it's not necessary for you to be an expert in everything!
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What is training?
Development is key
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I am an island
No "I" in team
Experience with employment policies (knowledge and compliance with company policies and procedures as well as employment law) *
I'd Like to Try
Policy Mastermind
Organizing (yourself and others) *
Loosy goosy
Anal retentive
Working in diverse multicultural teams *
What is culture?
Culturally sensitive Sensei
Childlike Wonder *
Don't care...
I want to know, do, and discover more and more
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