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Substack's Bridge program matches emerging writers with writers who have found success on Substack, for a series of private virtual sessions, focused around topics such as the creative process/flow, community building, and getting paid to write.

Mentors are Substack writers who volunteer their time to provide guidance to other writers and when selecting the mentors, we're focusing on the specific needs we find in mentee applications that session. We're particularly interested in connecting with mentors who have overcome significant life challenges on their path to success, and are excited to share their personal experiences with newer writers navigating new terrain.

Should you be chosen to participate, you'll will be given 2-5 mentee applications to review and select your own mentee from. Mentees come from all backgrounds and levels of writing experience, and we particularly encourage applications from writers whose backgrounds, regions, and ideologies are often underrepresented in the wider community. You will have opportunities to interact with the other mentors taking part in the program, as well as have a direct line to the Writer Experience team at Substack.

Each mentorship cycle consists of 4-8 lightly structured sessions over a two-month period. You and your mentee will make a commitment to the program and decide together what method of communication is going to be the best way to complete the sessions. Mentors agree to be available for a minimum of 2 hours per month by phone or Zoom and are expected to respond to emails from mentees within 3 days. You don't need to strictly follow the program; we just ask that you and your mentor mutually agree before departing from it.

Please carefully consider what other commitments already exist in your world before applying as a mentor, so you can give your mentee and the program meaningful attention.

There is no charge to apply. Mentor applications can be submitted year-round. The more detailed you are in your responses, the easier it will be for us to find great matches for you.

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