WDFOA - Rules Quiz: Points of Emphasis (2021)
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1 ) How long before kickoff do game officials assume control of a high school football contest? *
2 ) Which of the following is the correct enforcement for a coach or substitute player who is outside of their team box (and they do not make contact with an official)? *
3 ) Under NFHS rules, when is intentional grounding NOT a foul? *
4 ) Which official is responsible for throwing the flag when intentional grounding has occured? *
5 ) What is the penalty for intentional grounding? *
6 ) At the snap, at least ________ A players shall be on their line of scrimmage and no more than ________ A players may be backs. *
7 ) What is the penalty for illegal formation? *
8 ) Interior lineman A73 moves four yards downfield after the snap, finds no one to block, retreats behind the neutral zone, and blocks for A2 who eventually throws a forward pass which crosses the neutral zone. *
9 ) Interior lineman A61 is blocking at the line of scrimmage when A5 throws a forward pass that accidentally clips A61 on the shoulder pad. The pass then falls incomplete. *
10 ) How far does the neutral zone expand behind the defensive line of scrimmage following a snap? *
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