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Please use this form to submit your relevance algorithm for the Fastcase Relevance Challenge! If you have not yet registered, please do so at
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Please tell us a little about yourself. Why are you in law school? What is your primary area of study? What interested you in the Relevance Challenge?
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Please write a brief explanation of your submission. Why these values? What does your proposed algorithm do particularly well? What kinds of search does your algorithm not work as well for, and why did you choose not to focus on them? What sort of searches did you use for testing? Please bear in mind that this description may be used to break ties.
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Please choose a value for each of the different relevance sliders. Try to find a combination of values that performs well for a wide variety of searches. Recommended Reading: The Algorithm as a Human Artifact by Susan Nevelow Mart -
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frequency and proximity of Search Terms
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frequency of citation
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number of words in the document
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