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(This is the grading scale from Class 19, see the slides for details.)
Is there any reason you think your final grade should be different from your project grade?
This section is for evaluating your teammates on the project. If you worked alone, you should skip this. Otherwise, provide honest and fair feedback on your teammates.
Were there any problems with your project team?
How much did each team member contribute to the success of your project?
Include yourself, and answer with a list of (teammate, percent contribution) pairs. The total contribution should add up to 100. For example: (Paul, 27%), (John, 34%), (George, 22%), (Ringo, 14%) , (Pete, 2%), (Stuart, 1%)
If there are any teammates who you feel do not deserve the same grade as you for this project, explain who and why below:
Course Feedback
The remainder of the questions are intended to elicit feedback that will help me improve my teaching and make future versions of this class better than this one. Please recall the Honor Pledge for this course, and do your best to provide frank, thoughtful, and useful feedback.

Your answers to these questions will not effect your grade, and you can leave any answers you want blank. You may also submit this part of the form separately anonymously. Just submit this form again, leaving the top part blank (actually, you will needed to fill in made up answers to the required questions to pass form validation) and then just answer these questions. If you are paranoid about your anonymity, you should avoid doing the anonymous submission right after the first one (since the submissions are time stamped). If you are really paranoid, you should use an anonymity service like Tor to connect to the server for your anonymous submission.
Using Rust
Now that you have used it for most of a semester, how do you like Rust?
What programming language should be used for the assignments in this class?
Clear selection
What change would most improve your experience using Rust?
Do you expect to use Rust after this class?
Clear selection
What should PS4 be?
Clear selection
Were the class videos useful?
Clear selection
What was the least worthwhile lecture?
What was the most worthwhile lecture?
What should I do differently to make classes more worthwhile?
Should this class be required for all CS majors?
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Any other comments?
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