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Mail to: 714 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.
To talk to EnCasa Care staff call (505) 510-3295.


Encuentro supports immigrants that want to work in the fast-growing industry of home health care. We offer Home Health Aide training, in collaboration with CNM, in the spring and fall each year. We also offer English as a Second Language for health care workers, a business class for home health aides that want to work as independent contractors, and we offer job matching services.

This form is to facilitate job matching between persons in the community that are seeking home health aide services and our Home Health Aide (HHA) program graduates.

Our intent is to support the HHA program graduates in gaining employment that provides them with a decent wage to support themselves and their families. You can learn more here: In the Albuquerque area, we believe that a fair wage for home care workers is $15.00 per hour and that transportation provided as part of work duties should be reimbursed at $.43/mile ( State of NM mileage reimbursement rate as of 1/1/17).

Thank you for considering Encuentro's HHA graduates! We are confident that our HHA graduates are well-trained and eager to meet your caregiving needs.

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What to Expect
Contacting HHA candidates: We will recommend two to four candidates that best meet the needs you describe in the following form. You can choose to contact the candidates directly or we can ask them to contact you first.

Interviewing candidates: You can choose to interview the candidates at your home, at the home of the person needing care, or a public space such as a library or coffee shop. You are welcome to interview the candidates in the Encuentro office, at 714 4th St. NW, if you would like. A helpful tool for interviewing HHA candidates can be found here: .

Choosing an HHA for hire: The decision to hire one of the HHA candidates that are referred to you by Encuentro is your decision, exclusively. Although we are supportive of the HHA candidates and you in this process, we are not a licensed home care agency and do not carry liability insurance.

Language needs and accommodations: The HHA candidates are English language learners. Some have a very high level of English skills and others are working to improve their English skills. While we will recommend HHA candidates that meet language level needs that you indicate in the following form, you will need to make the best decision for your needs. Keep in mind that communication skills often improve as people get to know each other and much of our communication takes place through gestures and facial expressions, so language competency during an interview may under-represent a candidate's capacity to communicate one on one in a home care setting.

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