CPM Reimbursement Grant
From South Dakota Birth Matters

To ensure enough money comes in to support the newly formed South Dakota Board of Certified Professional Midwives, the fees for midwives and student midwives to apply for licensure are high. We at SD Birth Matters don't want the high cost to hinder any Certified Professional Midwives or students from gaining licensure in our state.

To that end, we have set aside funds to help CPMs and CPM students cover those licensure costs.

For their initial licensure, CPMs and CPM students can apply to have $500 of their fee reimbursed by our CPM Reimbursement Grant. Applications for grants should be submitted after licensure has been applied for and approved through the South Dakota Board of Certified Professional Midwives.

Reimbursement Grants will be issued on a first come, first served basis as long as we have funds. We will continue to work to raise money for this fund, but please be advised that grants are not guaranteed if we don't have the funds raised when we receive an application.
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