2019 Winter Soccer
This form is for current and prospective Gray Ducks players who are interested in switching teams, adding a team, or joining a new team. These teams will be starting in January give or take a couple weeks and play 8-9 games pending the league ending around April, which is when we will re-format teams into 11v11 and 7v7 team for the outdoor season in 2019.

This form is to add players to teams where vacancies may exist. And we will create additional teams as we're able to given there is sufficient interest. The cost for winter league teams is typically $109/player though this can vary based on team size and league that the team is in. Once we transition back to outdoor soccer, these costs go down about $25%.

**Our teams play in competitive league soccer, which is by nature for those with a general foundation of skill and ability. League play is not the atmosphere to which you learn the basics of soccer, we recommend pick up soccer and Lifetime Sport for learning the game as an adult.

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Select ALL that you're willing to play on, obviously the more you choose the higher chance of placement. Though, we ask you do not select teams you know you cannot play on.
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Sporting Minority Specific Team Interest: (Optional)
We strive to be sure there is opportunity for everyone, in particularly those of whom sport has not always been fair or welcoming of. For 2018 we intend to offer two specific sporting minority teams. Please select which team(s) you're interested in playing on IF ANY. All of our other teams will be highly diverse as our members and players come from all walks of life. The listings below are offered because of unique leagues specific to this interest, or due to a demand for the opportunity by the marginalized population. If we receive enough interest for one of these teams we will contact persons who've selected this.
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By completing this registration, you will receive email communications from the Gray Ducks. We will never sell your information, however we do establish partners to help advance the mission of the organization. You can unsubscribe from any and all emails you may receive by replying to the sender. Unfortunately there is not an offline method for club communications, as a volunteer based organization, we must utilize all tools that affordably make our volunteerism efficient, which does mean using email. We recommend you also join our Facebook group as we like to post more minor club updates to reduce emails.
Commitment to Pay *
By completing this registration, I acknowledge and accept the club's Terms and Conditions: https://goo.gl/LrFfWS Once you are placed on a team you will have 48 hours to decline or confirm the spot. It is assumed you are confirmed until you decline the spot. Until the spot is declined, you are obligated to pay for the dues associated with your roster spot. We do our best to fill your spot if you must vacate it, and will provide the monies paid by your replacement as a refund. We in essence are a volunteer operation to which personal money is used to pay for teams, and it needs to be paid back to the person who paid for the team. When monies are lost by a team, it impacts the club's ability to provide services such as subsidies for goalies, players who need some extra assistance, technology and more. Persons who drop from a team after committing to it are subject to a fine at the discretion of the club pending how close the cancellation is to the league date.
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