LIFT at Cascades Camp 2021 Registration!
This is the official registration form for LIFT at Cascades Camp, taking place July 13-17, with WayPoint Youth, the youth ministry of WayPoint Church. It must be filled out for each student!
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Hello! Fill this form out to get registered for camp and save your spot! This registration can be completed by a parent OR a student! Once complete, your reservation at LIFT will be solidified.
If you have any questions you'd like answered before registering, please go to and get learnt! The information is most likely there. Otherwise, email Pastor Drew at
There are other forms required for camp! Guess where you can find them?

If you said '' you are right!

You'll need a Parent & Medical Form, filled out by a parent, as well as a LIFT Waivers printed and signed by a parent AND a student. All of these MUST be complete by July 11!
This seems silly, but if you're a student, you need your parents permission BEFORE you register.
Do you have your parents' permission to register for LIFT? *
Parent & Medical Form and LIFT Waivers are required before July 11. Got it? *
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