Biota ILS- Norman Network
We would like to invite you to participate in a suspect screening collaborative trial on biota.

What will be analyzed?
a) whole fish homogenates as freeze-dried samples from a contaminated and reference site (e.g. upstream vs downstream)
b) whole fish homogenates as freeze-dried samples non-spiked and spiked with ca. 50 emerging organic micropollutants (both LC and GC compounds). Of the fortified substances, 10 will be known by the participants in advance for control purposes, while the remaining 40 substances will be up to study participants to identify.

Aim of the trial:
The aims of this study are i) to compare non-target and suspect screening workflows, ii) investigate the performance of the sample preparation methods with the aim to conclude to a harmonized sample preparation protocol and iii) reveal the range of chemicals detectable in fish tissue.

Extraction method:
You are very welcome to use your in-house extraction method (which needs to be reported to us at a later date). If you do not have an method at hand, we will provide a detailed protocol for sample preparation that you can use for either LC or GC purposes. Please indicate in the sheet below if you want to use your own method, and if so how much freeze-dried sample you would need for that.

Time plan:
• Whole fish homogenates as freeze-dried samples and reporting protocols will be sent to the participants: End of September 2019
• Deadline for the report from participants is: End of December 2019
• Data evaluation will be carried out spring to summer 2020
• Final workshop is planned for autumn 2020

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