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I'm working on the relaunch of the podcast - did you know it's been going since 2014? Please share your thoughts or feedback on how "Version 2.0" can be better than ever. Because I respect your time, upon the completion of this survey, you'll receive a discount code you can use on to instantly download a workouts ebook! There's also a private video workouts library to reference for the ebook as well which will be available after your free "purchase". Once you complete the survey below, you'll get the code (and instructions) for getting your free workouts ebook! Thanks in advance for your opinions, I'm looking forward to getting the podcast back on the internet "airwaves" a bunch of compelling new episodes (already lining up some stellar interviews, btw).
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AM-Radio scratchy call in guests recorded in a wind-tunnel are just fine.
I'm an audiophile, only recording studio quality silent room with $2,000 Neumann mics please!
I'm considering sharing a few of my strange personal adventure stories as they're relevant... what do you think of that? *
While you're here, would you like to send along some questions for the Q&A portion of the podcast? They can be anything related to kettlebell training, calisthenics, food, low-carb, etc. :) If so, please add them below!
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