Adventures of Inkalon
Hey inkventurers,

as you probably know by now we launched our project, which has been in the works for quite some time!

Adventures of Inkalon is a loyalty program that is meant to engage with the community through a common and shared passion (art), presented through our OCs and the world we build around them.

Since the community interaction is going to be a huge part of this entire endeavour, we created this form, which will hopefully serve all the purposes that we need it to serve! We wanted to prevent to use 10 different forms for different things, so instead we now have this one, that will offer you a variety of things to put your vote in for. Over time, this might change, and if we find a better solution, we will let you all know!

Currently the form functions as:

- Inkventure order form (Order a Uniform)
- Content suggestion (Pets, mounts, general shop)
- Request First Class
- Class Level Up
- Create Second Heart

If you have any questions, please let us know. Also, if anything isn't working properly, please let us know as well!
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