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Reps are a central part of Raise’s community and are crucial to the growth of the movement. As a rep, you’ll have the opportunity to help spread the Raise message you’re passionate about. Whether that’s through representing us in your college or society, talking about Raise with your friends, distributing posters and leaflets around the university, organising outreach events, or any new and creative ideas of your own, we’d love to have you on board and support you in helping to grow our movement. With a couple of group meetings and socials each term, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet like minded people and become a part of our community.

We’re also looking for one lead rep per college, to take responsibility for publicity within college. This will involve sharing posts and messages to college, putting up posters and potentially hosting your own outreach events.
(Although we'll have only one lead rep per college, we do accept multiple reps for each college. If we have more than one applicant per college, we'll select on the basis of this form - but this won't affect your overall chances of becoming a rep.)

If you have any questions about what the role might involve, don't hesitate to get in touch at
To find out more about the movement, visit and or

The deadline to sign up to be a Raise rep is Wednesday 25th November - so make sure you fill out this form by then.
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Would you be happy to commit to being a lead rep for your college and therefore taking responsibility for your college's Raise publicity? (See description above for more details - role includes sharing messages to your college, postering, potentially hosting your own outreach event). *
Briefly explain why you'd like to be a Raise rep. Do you have any ideas for encouraging people to get involved? *
Any relevant experience you'd like to tell us about?
From what you've seen, is there anything you think we can do better? (No wrong answers here, no problem if you can't think of anything.)
Over the course of the year, we put reps into small groups to work together - if there's anyone you'd like to be grouped with, let us know here, and we'll do our best to accommodate!
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