HCG Certification Survey
Human Capital Growth is interested in hearing from you about the courses and certification you completed and the impact it had on your career and work. The questions below also inquire about the transformation of your team and organization after you have completed the certification.

This is a short survey, please complete in one sitting.
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The certification has influenced my engagement with clients.
I spend more time understanding the business context
I collaborate with my stakeholders to select the right solution
My design of solution goes beyond the learning event
I am more conscious of the learning outcomes
I utilize metrics to assess program/learning effectiveness
I have received enough time to complete the certification.
The training was at the right level for my role.
I have the opportunity to use the training on the job.
I have the organizational support to utilize my new skills learned in the HCG certification.
My manager supports me in utilizing the new skills learned in the HCG certification.
I am recognized for taking a more evidence-based approach.
What is one thing that HCG can do to further improve their offerings?
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What other courses in Talent Management would interest you?
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