The Kpopalypse 2020 Survey of important trufax!
Hi! How are you? Please answer with as much or as little detail as applicable. *
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This is the video for Rockit Girl's "Little Cat".
By taking this survey, I agree to listen to Rockit Girl's "Little Cat". *
Are you looking forward to a fun Kpopalypse survey to distract yourself from current troubling world events? *
On the scale of calmness to panic, where are you right now? *
My life is a beauty
I'm just stress
If Hitler was alive today which k-pop fandom would he approve of the most? *
Why do people think Kpopalypse and AustralianSana are the same person? *
Consider the following statement, said to Cheska by Kpopalypse: "Clout is what people who haven't achieved anything with their lives think they get if they get noticed on the Internet. I hate the word too!". Obviously this statement is true and correct. From the following roughly equivalent and very harsh penalties, please choose the most appropriate penalty for people on the Internet using the "clout" slur. *
Here is a video of Honey Popcorn's Yua MIkami.
Is Yua Mikami dating? *
Do you like sportball posts on Kpopalypse? *
What is the most dangerous plague affecting the world today *
Given all the options on the table, what is the most effective option that governments have to control disease outbreaks and mitigate risk/mortality in large populations without compromising their economies or the quality of life of citizens? *
Watch the following short film that UZA did the music for.
It's good music, isn't it. *
How much cat content should there be on Kpopalypse livestreams? *
What Wonho game are you most looking forward to seeing Kpopalypse cover in part 3 of the Wonho games series? This question is optional, skip it if you are not enough of a refined gentleman/lady to play Wonho games.
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Which important issue concerning drama productions should Kpopalypse cover in a future post? *
Due to the effects of COVID-19 on the music industry, Kpopalypse is setting up online guitar lessons. If you are one of the understandably very few readers who would be interested in being taught guitar stuff by some asshole k-pop blogger instead of Paul Gilbert, how much would you be prepared to pay per week (in US$) for guitar lessons? This question is optional, feel free not to answer if you dgaf, or feel free to tell me something more interesting than this question (which wouldn't be hard).
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What YouTube video viewing milestone is more important and deserves its own article/thread on your news site or social network of choice? *
We all need entertainment right now, so share a joke here. This activity is optional. If you do try to participate try to write something funny that would entertain others, rather than just putting something here you don't like very much. I believe in you. You can do this.
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This is the music video for Rainbow's "Black Swan".
What do you like most about Rainbow's "Black Swan"? *
What was your score out of 8 in the recent Kpopalypse k-pop academia/Mein Kampf quiz? *
Which K-pop star would look the most attractive in Nazi regalia? *
Why do Apink keep winning the most fappable video every year on Kpopalypse blog? *
This is the music video for After School's "First Love".
What is the most iconic thing about this video? *
If you've got any good industry tipoffs, put them here. Reminding you that this survey is anonymous and I probably don't have your IP address or personal details. This activity is optional.
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What would be the most surprising outcome of COVID-19 in the k-pop world? *
Sadly due to my work situation I've had to slow down the frequency of Kpopalypse posts. However I will still do my best to bring you quality content where possible, and I will bring you roundup no matter what happens. How do you feel about this? *
Thanks for doing this survey! If you have any feedback below for Kpopalypse, please put it in the space below, or don't. Kpopalypse shall return!
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