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This form is to request a smoke detector inspection for a private residence.
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Requirements for inspection:

  Smoke detectors shall be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Smoke detectors are required to be in the locations where they were installed when the certificate of occupancy was issued
   In newer homes, they must be hardwired / battery backup smoke detectors on every level and in every bedroom. Homes that had renovations requiring the installation of hardwired smoke detectors must maintain the required level of protection at the time the new certificate of occupancy was issued. This includes basements and attics that can be occupied  
  Older homes that did not have smoke detectors installed when they were built must have as a minimum one battery operated smoke detector on each level including the basement and attics that can be occupied

  Carbon Monoxide Detectors shall be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. A Carbon Monoxide Detector shall be installed within 10 feet of all bedrooms.

  The assigned house number shall be permanently and conspicuously placed. The numbers shall be in Arabic numbers in a contrasting color to the background, a minimum of 3 inches tall and securely mounted to the front wall or porch, at least 30” above the ground level. The number should placed so that trees shrubs and other obstructions do not block the line of sight of the number from the street upon which the building fronts

  At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be installed and shall be a minimum classification of 2-A:10-B:C. The extinguisher shall be listed, labelled, charged and operable; The hangers or brackets supplied by the manufacturer shall be used; The extinguisher must be located within 10 feet of the kitchen; The top of the extinguisher must not be more than 5 feet above the floor; The extinguisher must not be located next to the stove; The extinguisher must be visible and in a readily accessible location, free from being blocked by furniture, storage, or other items; The extinguisher must be accompanied by an owner’s manual or written information regarding the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the extinguisher; The extinguisher must be installed with the operating instructions that are on the extinguisher clearly visible; A new fire extinguisher is not required to have a service tag, as long as the seller or their agent can provide proof of purchase or receipt.
Settlement and Fees:
The application fee for a certificate of smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm and fire extinguisher compliance, as required by N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.3, as follows:

Fee Schedule Cinnaminson
•Cinnaminson Initial Inspection $80.00
•Cinnaminson Re-Inspection $55.00
•Cinnaminson Senior Discount $10.00 (Must provide ID)
•Missed appointment $45.00

Fee Schedule Beverly City
•Beverly Initial Inspection with settlement 10 days in advance $50.00
•Beverly Initial Inspection with settlement less than 10 days $100.00
•Beverly Re-Inspection $50.00
•Missed appointment $45.00

If you have any questions about the above requirements please call this office (856) 829-5220.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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