CASA's Adopt a Crag 18: Marshall Gulch, Mt Lemmon
Welcome to CASA's Adopt a Crag 18: Marshall Gulch, Mt Lemmon.

When: Saturday, June 9 - 9:30am - 2:30pm

Where: Marshall Gulch parking area (Parking is limited - so please consider carpooling, and be prepared to walk a few minutes)

Why: The Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trails accesses the Wilderness of Rocks climbing areas, The Steep, as well as other areas and are heavily used by hikers.

What: We will be doing trail repair, restoration, and some erosion control. We won't be lifting too many heavy rocks.

What to Bring:
Gloves (CASA will have some available if you do not)
Safety glasses or sunglasses
Hardhat or climbing helmet
Boots or closed toed shoes
Long pants
Sun protection
4 liters of water per (minimum)

Please note dogs are not permitted on the project site.

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