CEO membership
Hello, we are glad that you are interested in the crypto economy and are considering to become a member of CRYPTO ECONOMY ORGANISATION.

The main goal of CRYPTO ECONOMY ORGANISATION is to unite all participants of the crypto economy and to ensure that they are properly represented, to ensure the development of this new economic model.

For more information about our organisation please contact
Application form for an individual
To become a member of the organisation you should:

1. Fill in the application form, which can be found here:
2. Indicate the current member of CEO who recommended you. In the absence of a direct recommendation, you should contact our representative for a direct interview.

After completing these steps, your application will be evaluated during next meeting of the board of the organisation, which will decide on your candidacy.

The final step for becoming a member is to pay membership fee. Information about the payment procedure will be sent together with the preliminary confirmation.


Standard fees:

One-time entry fee: 40 euro.
Annual membership fee: 80 euro.

For new members joining CEO now the the annual membership fee for 2018 is reduced by 50% to 40 eur. In total, entry fee plus annual fee equals 80 eur.
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Name, surname and e-mail of the CEO member who can recommend you *
If case of absence just write accordingly
How are you involved in the crypt economy?
How could you contribute to the CEO's activities? *
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