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Ada's Natural Market, Southwest Florida’s Local Organic and Natural Grocer is seeking to add more Florida companies to our shelves. Our goal is to carry the largest selection of Florida products in the state!
If you are a Florida company offering the highest quality local, organic, all-natural, artisan, holistic, recycled, sustainable and/or humane goods WE WANT YOU!
Expand your natural or organic product beyond your local farmers market. Apply here for the chance to introduce your product to our customers and potentially have your product placed on our shelves.

Ada’s Florida Market the 3rd Saturday of the Month from 10am - 4pm

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Fees and Space:
Participating vendors require approval of the Market Management.

Unlike a traditional "farmers market" we are seeking producers whose products we would like to carry in our store. Vendor spaces are limited. No tents required. 6 - 8 spaces approximately 8x8 with electricity available


20% mark-up on your product as a consignment fee.

You may submit your initially application digitally. Should the market manager accept you as a vendor.


Ada's Farmers Market Manager
attn: TerryLynn Conrads
7070 College Parkway
Fort Myers, Florida 33931
phone: 239-849-5718 cell

All vendors wishing to participate must complete this application.
Please note that your application does not guarantee acceptance as a vendor.
The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse participation by any applicant.
There are no rights of entitlement or exclusive rights based upon when an application was submitted, space assignments, type of origin of product, or number of years in the Market.

Federal, State and Local Permitting and Licensing:
Vendors must comply with all Federal, State and local regulations, be properly licensed and provide copies of all appropriate licenses, certificates and permits to Healthy Choice Markets, Inc.

• Department of Agriculture License for Food for Sale
• Certificate of Insurance with “additionally insured” clause.
• Growers Permits if applicable

Collection and filing of all related taxe, is the responsibility of the vendor.
Failure to provide the copies to the Market Manager will delay start date.

Vendors warrant that they will not operate without proper licensure, and will cease operations and
notify the Market Manager immediately in the event a license is expired, revoked or otherwise
lost. Vendors closed down by a permitting authority for failure to renew licenses, permits
or certifications may be subject to suspension or termination. The vendor will bear full
responsibility for any loss or legal action resulting from improper licensure.

Vendors are responsible for updating all business information in a timely manner with the Market
Manager including all contact information, as well as confirming that the Market Manager has
received this current information.

Suspended or terminated vendors may be asked to re-apply to the Market, and if accepted, are
not guaranteed their formerly-assigned space. Each case will be handled on an individual basis.

Vendors can check with the Department of Agriculture/local IFAS Extension Office by calling
(239) 533-7512 or (239) 533-7514 to learn which permits, certifications, licenses, or business tax
receipts (formerly known as occupational licenses) they specifically will need.

Vendors are responsible for their own product and liability insurance and must provide proof of insurance.
The insurance specified in the Certificate must have limits of at least $100,000 per occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate for the vendor.

Rules & Regulations:
Vendors must be set-up and ready to sell by 8:45 am
(Ada’s Natural Market opens at 8 am you may begin set up as early as 8:15 am)

Vendors are required to sell until 2pm. You may tear down at 2:01pm

Vendors are responsible for the collection and removal of all refuse generated from sales at their booth and surrounding area.

Vendor space is to appear neat, orderly and attractive – storage boxes,
excess merchandise, etc. are to be concealed.

Pay close attention to your booth appearance, even and hemmed table
drapes, proper signage and pricing.

The management reserves the right to remove any attendee or vendor at their discretion.

Vendor items listed are subject to event committee approval and items not
listed on the application will not be allowed in your booth.

Vendor location is at the Market Managers discretion.

Vendors must provide signage including the method & location of production and display the information during the market.

Required Signs, Information and Labeling:
Local/Fort Myers

Method / Certification:
Certified Organic (USDA certification)
Organic (Organic fertilizers, no pesticides)
Florida Sustainable (maintain ecological balance)
Certified Naturally Grown
Florida Grown in Commercial Fertilizers
Commercially Produced

VENDOR shall indemnify, defend, release, and
hold harmless Ada's Natural Market and Healthy Choice Markets Inc. and any affiliates, officers, directors,
employees, or agents/volunteers thereof from and against any and all
liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, suits, judgments, causes of
action, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs
and out of-pocket expenses) suffered or incurred as a result of any
breach of any obligation of VENDOR in performance of this
Agreementor VENDOR’s use of the benefits. This provision
shall survive the expiration or termination of Agreement.

Merchandise vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance
and hold harmless Ada's Natural Market and Healthy Choice Markets Inc.
as additional insured upon request.

Ada's Natural Market and Healthy Choice Markets Inc.
shall not be liable to the vendor for indirect, incidental,
consequential, special or exemplary damages, and the event’s liability
arising under this agreement will be limited to direct, objectively
measurable damages. Except to the extent where this provision is
prohibited by law and except with respect to the indemnification
provision herein, in no way shall the event‘s maximum, aggregate,
cumulative liability to vendor arising out of or relating to this
agreement exceed the cash amount paid by the vendor to
Ada's Natural Market and Healthy Choice Markets Inc. during the term.

Vendor Application

for Ada’s Natural Farmers Market
7070 College Parkway
Fort Myers, Florida, 33907

Please complete the following form and submit via email to

If you have questions please call TerryLynn Conrads at 239-859-5718

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The goal of Ada’s Natural Farmers Market is to support local growers and producers. At Ada’s Natural Market we pride ourselves in carrying a wide array of LOCAL – ORGANIC – NATURAL and SUSTAINABLE products from all over our fine state. Thank you for being a part of the growing LOCAL sustainability movement. We look forward to introducing the community to products and services that are in keeping with our philosophy.
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